Western Reserve 18 Year Caribbean Cask Finished Rye


We are thrilled to announce the release of our 18 Year Caribbean Cask Finished Rye Whiskey. For this latest release, we started with a low rye mash bill which was carefully distilled in small batches and laid to rest for over 18 years in American oak. After its slumber we harvested the whiskey and finished it again in American oak before laying it down for its final rest in Foursquare rum casks. After the whiskey reached what we feel was perfection, we harvested and proofed it to a bold 100 proof before bottling. The result is a complex and sophisticated whiskey full of flavor that rivals the finest scotches in the world. However, it has a spicy and bold character that can only be found in North America. If you are a whiskey lover, this is a must have bottle in your collection!

Nose: Dark Cherry. Ripe banana, wild flower honey and a hint of leather

Palate: eucalyptus, anise and dried tobacco

Finish: Rye spice with a soft sweet finish

Mash Bill: 53% Rye

Proof: 100

Cask Finishes: Charred American Oak, Toasted American Oak, Caribbean Rum Casks


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