Do I have to sign for my package?

  • YES. You must sign for an order when it is being delivered and show photo ID with proof of age if you have ordered alcohol. You must be 21 years of age or older for the package to be delivered.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

  • No. We are unable to ship to PO boxes. If you place an order with a PO box address, the package will not be delivered.

I forgot to add my discount code. Can it be applied after my purchase?

  • We do not apply discount/promo codes retroactively to orders already placed. 

When will my order ship?

  • The majority of orders ship out within 14 days of submission. Please contact us if you do not receive a notification of your package shipping after 14 days.
  • If the address you provided is to a PO box or another invalid shipping address, your package will not be shipped until you provide a usable shipping address. This may incur additional shipping fees.

My package has shipped out, can I change the delivery address?

  • If your package is coming to you via UPS you can utilize the UPS My Choice to redirect or have your pacakge held at a local UPS facility. This is something that is up to the customer, UPS has changed their policy and our support team is unable to redirect your package or have it held. 
  • If your package is coming to you via a regional carrier and you need to change the shipping address please email us at support@bourbonoutfitter.com.
  • Bourbon Outfitter is not responsible if your package is lost after changing the shipping address while in transit.
When will I receive my order?
  • Our goal is for you to get your order as fast as possible. In order to serve as many states as possible we utilize several different shipping carriers across the United States. Due to the nature of using multiple shipping carriers, our shipping times may vary based on the shipping address. 
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks from your package being shipped out for delivery. Understand that some packages will be delivered before this and some may be delivered after this timeline. We appreciate your patience.

What is this tracking number?

  • We utilize several carriers including, UPS, FedEx, and smaller regional carriers. The smaller regional carriers do not have robust tracking systems like UPS and FedEx and thus we utilize our internal tracking system. If you are struggling to get your link to work please post the below URL into your address bar with the regional tracking number following it.

Example Regional Tracking number: WHQD0X2FTAN

URL: https://portal.trackorderonline.com/#/tracking/

URL with Tracking Included: https://portal.trackorderonline.com/#/tracking/WHQD0X2FTAN

  • If you have any issues please email support@bourbonoutfitter.com and we will be happy to assist!

Do I have to purchase the shipping insurance?

  • No, shipping insurance is not necessary, but it is the only way to protect your package.
  • When you purchase shipping insurance we will cover you for a refund or replacement if any of the following occur:
    • Replacement or refund for any item(s) damaged in transit.
    • Lost or stolen package.
  • Purchasing Shipping Insurance does not cover the following:
    • If the incorrect shipping address was provided and the package was shipped out.
    • If the recipient missed the attempts for delivery by the carrier and the package is being returned to the sender.
    • Cracked wax.

Can I cancel or return my order?

  • We do not accept returns on our products. 
  • If you request a cancellation of an order prior to it being shipped out we may be able to cancel the order and you will receive a refund, less a $15 restocking fee. The earlier you are able to notify us the better, to give us the best chance of stopping the package from being packed or picked up by our carrier. 
  • Shipping insurance is non-refundable.

What if I receive a damaged, missing, or incorrect item?

  • If you receive any damaged items:
    • Contact us within 7 days of the package being delivered by the carrier with an explanation of the issue.
    • Please provide photos of the damaged or incorrect product, packaging, and box that it arrived in to help expedite the process of us resolving your claim.
    • The resolution process may require returning the damaged or unopened product to Bourbon Outfitter so please do not discard the packaging material unless instructed to do so by our team. 
    • Replacement or refund of damaged product is contingent on the customer having purchased shipping insurance with the initial purchase.
    • Cracked wax is not eligible for refund or replacement.

What do I do if my bottle leaked during shipping?

  • When shipping bottles leakage is always a possibility, albeit a very rare one. This is something we do everything in our power to mitigate but it may still happen from time to time.
  • We secure the top and do our best to ensure every bottle is sealed, wrapped, and secured prior to shipping but leakage may still occur. There isn’t currently any more that we can do to prevent leakage of bottles, especially on older bottles or bottles with wax tops. We do not issue refunds or exchanges for minor leaks, but if you do have an extreme case please let us know.

When will I get my pre-ordered items?

  • If you placed an order and an item with a pre-order designation is in the cart, your entire order will not ship until the pre-ordered item is ready to ship. If you wish to have the rest of the items shipped separately, place two orders and standard shipping fees will apply for each order. 

How do I know if you can ship to my address?

  • We work with our carriers constantly to keep our website up to date. During the checkout process, please fill out the shipping address portion and you will be notified if we can ship to your address. If the address does not allow you to continue it means that we can not ship to either your state or zip Code.

Can I refund the shipping insurance that I purchased?

  • Once shipping insurance has been purchased on an order it cannot be refunded. 

How do I qualify for free shipping?

  • Customers who place a singular order that without shipping exceedes $500 will qualify for free shipping and it will automatically be applied at checkout.
  • Combining orders does not qualify for the $500 threshold.

I have an issue with my order. What should I do?

  • Please contact our customer service email at support@bourbonoutfitter.com and our team will be with you as soon as they can to resolve your issue!