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Four Gate Whiskey Company is releasing their first whiskey of 2024, a Kentucky Straight Whiskey finished in two different barrels from Kelvin Cooperage.

The underlying seven-year-old Kentucky Straight Whiskey was distilled with a mash bill of 80% corn, 11% rye, and 9% malted barley. It was initially aged 7 years in used barrels. Four Gate Whiskey re-barreled the whiskey into new charred barrels from Kelvin Cooperage and then again into new toasted casks, also from Kelvin, resulting in a whiskey that has been aged in three different barrels and aged a total of
seven years, nine months.

The idea for a triple oaked whiskey was first proposed a several years ago by the late Kevin McLaughlin of Kelvin Cooperage. Four Gate Chief Barrel Officer, Bob D'Antoni, kept the idea in the back of his mind until the right whiskey came along to make McLaughlin's idea reality. To honor the genesis of the Triple Oak idea, Four Gate has displayed the Kelvin Cooperage Logo on the sub label for the batch. It is the first straight whiskey Four Gate has bottled that doesn't qualify as a bourbon or rye due to the initial again in previously used cooperage.

"This whiskey really turned out nicely. It's a different flavor profile than a lot of our previous offerings," said Chief Blending Officer Bill Straub. "There is a distinct semi-sweet pie crust note throughout with green orchard fruits and strong baking spice. I love the unique flavor of this. Our fans are really going to enjoy it."

"We are just really thrilled to bring Kevin's idea to life," Said D'Antoni, “He was such a great friend to me and to our company and we are confident this whiskey is really worthy of his memory.”

The whiskey was bottled at 53.8% alcohol, or 107.6 proof. 3,798 bottles were produced.

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