Forbidden Small Batch #3

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Forbidden Batch 3 has arrived from Marianne Eaves, Kentucky’s first female master distiller since Prohibition!

Batch 3 shares the same white corn, white winter wheat, and malted barley recipe as Batch 1 and 2, bottled at 95.2 proof. Eaves blended just 50 barrels of this wheated Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey distilled in 2018 to craft Batch 3.

“This Batch is similar in flavor profile to Batch 1, they’re both a little bit bolder than Batch 2,” explains Eaves. “Using a larger number of barrels than Batch 2 gives us more opportunity for complexity without hiding the uniqueness of the blend.”

We found notes of flaky pie crust, baked pear, and pastry creme underlaid with robust rye spice and a rich mouthfeel.

“Folks who lean towards a more traditional rye bourbon mash bill will really appreciate this one. It still has the approachability of a wheater, but with the complexity of a traditional mash bill.”

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