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Marianne Eaves is back with Forbidden Batch 2, a smoother take on the 5-year wheated bourbon that almost broke the internet.

Due to a labeling error all of Forbidden Batch 2 have the same neck label as Batch 1, Batch 2 is denoted on the bottle by the front Batch 2 sticker!

Forbidden Batch 1 was comprised of 48 barrels, but Batch 2 consists of just 13, most distilled by Eaves at her former distillery and a few distilled by her at Bardstown Bourbon Company. Batch 2 will also be bottled at 95.2 proof.

"After getting some feedback on the first batch, it had a little more heat than maybe I intended," explains Eaves. "This batch is a little smoother overall, but there’s still the complexity." We found familiar notes of apricot, apple pie, and cinnamon, without as much peppery heat on the finish. 

The demand for Forbidden Batch 1 was unlike anything we'd ever seen on our site. We restocked and sold out 4 times, wading through pre-orders from months prior to catch up as each new shipment arrived. 

To avoid these backups between purchase and arrival date, we've added some new software to keep you in the loop when the first cases of Forbidden Batch 2 arrive, as well as help us better determine how many bottles we will need to keep Forbidden fans around the country happy! 

Tap "Notify Me When Available" and fill in your email or phone number. That's it! You'll get instantly notified when inventory is added to the site, and you'll be the first to purchase. Link below to get started - bottles are expected to arrive in our warehouse in a few weeks!

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