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Shortbarrel Small Batch Rye 101

Shortbarrel Small Batch Rye 101


Basketball, Racing, and Rye Whiskey, just a few of the things for which Indiana is known. When we started researching ryes for our first Shortbarrel expression, we knew where to look first. Although non-age stated, release #3 is a blend of non chill filtered MGP rye barrels, all over 5 years old and blended to our specifications. We feel that 101 is the perfect proof to hold up to cocktails, sip neat, or enjoy on the rocks. The spice blends with a subtle sweetness to dance this blend across all of your taste buds.

Tasting Notes

Mouth: Caramel, vanilla, slight mint, surprisingly sweet while holding onto the signature Shortbarrel bold, lingering spice that has become our trademark.

Aroma: Rye spice hits you quickly and then fades into lightly floral notes. Slight notes of baking spices, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, and mint candy in the background.

Finish: Despite a lower proof for some. The long, spice finish remained. It consisted of clove, rye spice, almond, oak, and tobacco leaf.