Western Reserve Premium Organic Gin

Western Reserve Premium Organic Gin


This Premium Gin begins its life as our supremely smooth, 100% organic spelt vodka. To this, we add the same proprietary blend of botanicals that we use to create our Premium Well Gin: juniper, bergamot, coriander, anise and lime. Why mess with something that works?

However, using spelt vodka as the base takes these botanicals in a different flavor direction - more like a London Dry style. You would never know the botanical blend is the same! Don’t take our word for it, though. Pick up a bottle today and see for yourself just how smooth and flavorful this Gin is.

NOSE: Juniper, floral

PALATE: Juniper, coriander

FINISH: lime

I find that I can sip this all by itself! So good. (Does not taste like tree sap)