Three Chord Blended Bourbon


MASH BILL 75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley. We are considered a medium-high rye bourbon. APPEARANCE Clear, Dark Mahogany- Pretzel. AROMA Maple Syrup, Caramel and Vanilla. TASTE Sweet with hints of spice that gives way to a light citrus fruit and a mild charred oak. FINISH A refined and lingering, honeycomb finish, with just a mild hug!

We use the best aged White American Oak staves from the Ozarks in Missouri at the Independent Stave Company. We selected a cooperage to assemble our barrels in Louisville, Kentucky that has 55 years of time-tested coopering techniques. All Three Chord Bourbons are aged in Number 4 Char (Alligator) barrels. We filter our water through reverse osmosis, one-micron filter that creates the cleanest, purest water possible. The longer whiskey ages, the more the wood takes over the flavor profile. Our 12-year-old whiskey in the blend helps create that smooth, refined finish. Our secondary, controlled, wood-charring process reintroduces compounds that create the maple syrup, caramel and vanilla character that consumers love. This secondary char is light, called a “toast”. We bottle our 100% blended bourbon 300 gallons at a time, for a consistent flavor profile and quality taste.

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