Subtle Spirits ‘Quixotic’ Straight Rye Whiskey


About Subtle Spirits: Subtle Spirits is a contemporary independent bottling brand pairing each release with original label art.

Tasting Notes: Quixotic is a straight rye whiskey comprised of three barrels, all just shy of 6 years old and bottled at 101 proof. There are fruit tones like dried apricot, dried nectarine, and some un-ripe (green) wild strawberries, but they are all balanced by a plethora of savory spice aromas; cinnamon, kola nut, pink peppercorn, and vanilla bean. Together they form a sum greater than its parts. The fruit and subtle sweetness may even be enough to fool someone into thinking this was a bourbon. The oak is present, but well-integrated and gives way to a very smooth and prolonged finish.


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