Subtle Spirits Full Circle 99 Proof Blend of Straight Whiskies


Full Circle is a blend of straight bourbon whiskey and straight rye whiskey distilled and aged at Midwestern Grain Products (MGP) in Indiana and then finished and bottled in California. It is comprised of five different barrels, all aged a minimum of six years. The resulting 153-gallon blend contains 51.25% straight rye whiskey and 48.75% straight bourbon whiskey, which, when combined, yields a cumulative mash bill of 58.93% rye, 36.56% corn, and 4.51% barley grains. 88 bottles were bottled on 08/08/2022 at cask strength, and the remaining 800 were bottled on 09/01/2022 at 99 proof. There is a nice balance between the mature, aged, savory, and slightly dusty flavors and a youthful, fruity, bright sweetness. The finish is long, oily, and viscous, and as a nice spice component that is very appealing. 

Full Circle Artwork by: Gianluca Franzese.  

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Subtle Spirits is more than your traditional independent bottler. Part spirits purveyor, part alchemist. Their ideas are brought to life by original artwork produced in collaboration with artists to deliver an experience that extends beyond the glass, canvas, or mind.


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