Shortbarrel SOTF Toasted Small Batch


Leadership. Made in America. Shortbarrel is proud to partner with the Special Operators Transition Foundation (SOTF) on this fine Kentucky Bourbon. SOTF assists Special Operations Forces veterans with the successful transition from service into their next great career in corporate America. SOTF Fellows know they have received the most curated transition experience possible. Hiring Partners know they have a curated leader who can deliver unparalleled ethical and innovative results. The classic Winning Proposition! 

Bottled exclusively for SOTF,  this Toasted Barrel bourbon relies on our finishing process that adds a perfect layer of sweet oak complexity to this exceptional bourbon.  Notes of dark chocolate cherries, orange zest, apricots and a touch of toasted oak. This will be that one bottle that you come back too, over and over again. Shortbarrel will be making a $20 donation to SOTF for each bottle sold. Your purchase will help us put fellows through the SOTF program.

Age: 4 Year
Batch: 1   
Finished: 45 days in the toasted barrel
Proof: 94
Source: Bardstown Bourbon Company


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