Russell's Reserve Rye Single Barrel


There are notes and aromas of rye and orange with cinnamon and clove predominating, followed by vanilla and dill. In the mouth there is sweet almond, golden raisins, peach jam and cinnamon. This finish is long and complex dominated by peach and caramel. Excellent!

Eye: Light caramel. Nose: A charge of rye and baking spice followed by strong notes of pepper, dill, vanilla and citrus. Lighter notes of citrus, nuts and fruit fade in and out. It’s a wonderful rye focused nose and I enjoyed it immensely. A great cask. Palate: Heavy rye and baking spices roll across the palate, forging the path for notes of citrus, dill, dark sweets and a bit of mint to come through. Like the nose the palate is rye centric and wonderful. Finish: Long spicy fade of wood, citrus and dark sweets.


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