Old Forester Rye


In 1870, Old Forester became America’s First Bottled Bourbon when founder George Garvin Brown revolutionized the industry by being the first to put bourbon in a bottle. Five generations and nearly 150 years later, Old Forester is proud to introduce the first Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey from the First Bottled Bourbon. The First Rye from the First Bottled Bourbon. Spicy yet floral, Old Forester Rye is made from the same yeast, the same water, the same barrels and most of all the same quality as our beloved Bourbon.

A spicy, yet, complex flavor profile makes this is a versatile rye for connoisseurs and cocktail enthusiasts alike. Rich notes of burnt brown sugar hit you, spice awakens almost immediately integrated with distinct hints of black pepper and cinnamon, with some allspice lingering on the finish.


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