Old Forester 1920


The third member of the Old Forester Whiskey Row Series, which invites bourbon lovers to taste their way through Old Forester history through each unique expression. In 1920, Prohibition began prohibiting the production, transport and sale of alcohol. However, Old Forester was one of six distilleries to receive a permit to continue selling Old Forester for medicinal purposes. Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style, presented at 115 Proof, is a small batch of barrels representing a barrel sample that would have been batched at the beginning of Prohibition, resulting in a woodsy and warm Bourbon.

Nose: Strong cherry and dark fruit notes dominate the nose, and some light notes of caramel and seasoned oak linger underneath. Palate: On the front palate, a very brief berry note leads off the front and the flavor transitions to caramel and toasted nut notes. In the mid-palate, the caramel note drops off and seasoned oak and caramelized sugar lead into a light cream and seasoned oak finish.

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