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Four Gate Whiskey Company has a new flagship product and for the first time, it will be available year-round in all Four Gate markets. 

Known previously for their series of one-off, unique, barrel finished batches with only limited availability, this new product will be broadly available across the Four Gate Whiskey Company footprint and as they expand into new markets. 

Utilizing their popular Split StaveTM casks produced exclusively for Four Gate by Kelvin Cooperage, this new product will be titled “Split Stave by Kelvin" and be comprised of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in new Split StaveTM casks, which alternate between toasted and charred new white oak staves. 

"Our distributors and consumers have been asking us for something like this for a while," said Chief Blending Officer Bill Straub. “We're very excited to be able to get a consistent product into the hands of consumers and know that when that bottle runs out, they'll be able to replace it." 

The company, founded in 2018, never released a flagship product like this in the past due to inability to offer a consistent flavor profile between various sourced bourbons acquired by the company. Chief Barrel Officer Bob D'Antoni was able to secure enough supply of a single mash bill Kentucky Straight Bourbon to support this product for the foreseeable future.  

That underlying whiskey is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon with a Mash Bill of 75% corn, 20% rye, and 5 percent malted barley. It is at least 7 years old. 

"We're in great shape with this," Said D'Antoni, "The whiskey is out of this world. We didn't want to put just any whiskey in a second cask and roll it out. We made sure that we found the whiskey we wanted and could get enough of to make it work over time. And the Split StaveTM cask is perfect for our brand because it's unique to us and something we can repeat with the help of our friends at Kelvin Cooperage." 

Bottled at barrel proof, the initial run of Split Stave by Kelvin clocked in at 116.1 proof and carries an SRP of $175. This release can be distinguished from other releases by the unique label coloring of dark blue ink with a cream-colored background along with a new neck label with the company's round FGWC logo and "Bardstown, Kentucky" on the wings.